2018 Sealcoat Project


Annually, the City completes a sealcoat project to extend the life of its streets. It is estimated that a sealcoat application can extend the life of pavement from three to six years. Sealcoating is the application of asphalt emulsion followed immediately with an aggregate cover. Excess aggregate is then swept up a few days later. Streets recommended for sealcoating are identified with the City's Pavement Management Program. City staff visually reviews each street as well.
It is more cost effective to sealcoat roadways when pavement distresses are fewer verses letting the pavement deteriorate until major more costly rehabilitation or reconstruction projects are required.

The City will be including the trail system into its sealcoating practices this year. Trails will be cracksealed and patched in preparation for the sealcoating. When completed, the overall finish of the trails will not be as "rocky" as the streets and/or parking lots. This will, however, help extend the life of the trails while making them smoother and more user friendly.

This year's project is scheduled to begin on or about July 9, 2018, and final sweeping is tentatively scheduled to be completed no later than August 31, 2018. The sealcoating process moves along quite rapidly so any delays in travel should be kept to a minimum. Notifications to all affected property owners will be mail out prior to the project commencing.

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