Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

In Chanhassen, traffic safety is a common concern raised by citizens. In residential areas, unsafe driving behavior can deprive families of feeling safe in their neighborhoods. Police visibility/enforcement has only a temporary affect on traffic behavior. The key to reducing the risk of crashes and injuries is when citizens remember to follow the rules on roadway safety.

Rules of Roadway Safety

  • Slow down and drive sensibly
  • Be especially watchful for children near roadways, as they are small and unpredictable. A child under age 10 doesn't have the skills to judge a vehicle's speed, and has limited peripheral vision.
  • Be respectful while driving through any neighborhood; drive slowly on all residential streets.
  • Minimize your distractions:
    o Postpone complex or emotional conversations on the cell phone or with passengers.
    o If a passenger is distracting you, pull over where it is safe and legal to do so.
    o Don't wait until you are driving to plan your route or attend to grooming.
  • Be visible: Wear bright clothing during the day and reflective materials after dark.
  • Always walk facing traffic.
  • Never allow children to play in the street
  • Reinforce "Stop, Look, Listen."
The City of Chanhassen encourages citizens to get involved in neighborhood traffic safety strategies. For information on how you and your neighbors can make a difference, call city hall at 952-227-1100.