Theft Prevention

Crimes commonly reported throughout the metro include thefts from unattended vehicles, fitness centers and shopping malls.

Popular Stolen Valuables

  • Purses
  • Wallets
  • Laptop computers
  • Other Electronics
  • Packages
A criminal will often steal a purse or wallet, and within minutes, make purchases with the credit cards before the victim will discover the loss.

Reduce Your Risk


  • Always lock your vehicle
  • Remove all valuables, even when parked in the garage
  • If you have no other choice and must leave valuables in your car, place items in the trunk or away from plain view prior to arriving at your destination.

Fitness Centers

  • Plan ahead. Leave valuables such as jewelry, unnecessary credit cards/checkbooks or other personal information at home.
  • Bring only what you need into the fitness center, but never leave a purse or wallet in your vehicle.
  • Always use lockers equipped with locks, or bring a lock with you.

Out and About

  • Never leave your purse unattended in a shopping cart, even for a few seconds.
  • Never hang your purse on the backside of a chair while at a bar or restaurant.
  • Carry a wallet or money clip in your front pocket.