Community Festival Liquor License


Add "Community Festival" to Sections 1-2 Definitions and 10-19 Types of  (Liquor) Licenses of the Chanhassen City Code.


State Statute 340A.404.4(b) allows the City to authorize a holder of a retail on-sale intoxicating liquor license issued by the municipality to dispense intoxicating liquor off premises at a community festival held within the municipality. The authorization shall specify the area in which the intoxicating liquor must be dispensed and consumed, and shall not be issued unless the licensee demonstrates that it has liability insurance as prescribed by section 340A.409 to cover the event.

The City Attorney has advised that the City Code be updated to include the definition of Community Festival (Section 1-2)  and to add Community Festival On-Sale Authorization to the list of types of licenses (Section 10-19). A link to the draft ordinance is provided below:

Draft Ordinance

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Date Meeting Type Action
April 25, 2022 City Council Approved