On August 1, 2018, Ordinance No. 633 went into effect allowing some properties located in the Single Family Residential​ District (RSF) an additional 5% lot cover in the form of pervious pavers. In order for a pervious pavement system not to be considered an impervious surface, it must meet certain design, installation, and maintenance requirements.

The City of Chanhassen requires individuals interested in installing pervious pavers to apply for and receive a permit in order to verify that these systems meet the zoning requirements and performance standards listed below.

Zoning Requirements

  • Property must be zoned Single Family Residential District (RSF)*.
  • Property may not be located within the Shoreland Management District (1,000 feet from a lake and/or 300 feet from any river/stream, whichever is greater).
  • May not be installed in areas where trash or garbage receptacles will be stored.
  • If the property exceeds 25% impervious surface, the ability to utilize pervious pavers may be limited by the property’s existing nonconforming status. Contact the Planning Department to determine what options may be available.
*Note:  Many single-family homes are not located in the RSF District.

Performance Standards

  • System must be designed to provide for rate and volume control for the first half inch (0.5”) of treatment area.
  • System must follow the current version of The City of Chanhassen Standard Specification and Detail Plates.
  • System must be designed in compliance with standards established by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI).
  • System must be installed by ICPI certified installer.
  • Owner must enter into a maintenance agreement with the city. The agreement must conform to manufacturer’s guidelines and stipulate the frequency and type of maintenance to be performed.
For questions regarding a property's zoning and existing lot cover, contact MacKenzie Walters. For questions regarding the design, installation, and maintenance requirements of a pervious paver system, contact Vanessa Strong.

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