Temporary On-Sale Intoxicating


Issued to a club or charitable, religious, or nonprofit organization in existence for at least three years, or to a political committee registered under M.S. § 10A.14 a temporary license for the on-sale of intoxicating liquor in connection with a social event within the city sponsored by the licensee. The license may authorize the on-sale of intoxicating liquor for not more than four consecutive days, and may authorize on-sales on premises other than premises the licensee owns or permanently occupies. The license may provide that the licensee may contract for intoxicating liquor catering services with the holder of a full-year on-sale liquor license issued by the city. The licenses are subject to the terms, including license fee, imposed by the city. The licenses issued under this section are subject to all laws and ordinances governing the sale of intoxicating liquor except M.S. § 340A.409 and § 340A.504, subd. 3, paragraph (d), and the laws and ordinances which by their nature are not applicable. Temporary licenses must first be approved by the commissioner of public safety before they become valid. No more than three four-day, four three-day, or six two-day temporary licenses, in any combination not to exceed 12 days per year, may be issued for the sale of alcoholic beverages to any one organization or registered political committee, or for any one location, within a 12-month period. Not more than one temporary license may be issued to any one organization or registered political committee, or for any one location, within any 30-day period.

Application Procedure

Following submittal of the required documents, the request will be presented to the City Council for review and approval. City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, except in December when there is only one meeting held on the second Monday.

Submit the following at least 45 days prior to event date:

If the license application is approved by the City Council, it will be sent to the State of Minnesota, Department of Public Safety, Liquor Control Division for final review and approval.