Financial Reports


The City of Chanhassen has an audit of the Annual Financial Report performed by an independent certified public accounting (CPA) firm each year as required by state law. The firm determines whether the city has been following generally accepted accounting practices and tests transactions to verify that procedures have been followed properly. The auditors have given the city an unqualified opinion that our financial statements are an accurate reflection of the city’s financial health. The city also participates in the Government Finance Officers Association program to evaluate the clarity with which the financial information is presented. The Finance Department has received the “Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting” since 1992 and intends to continue participating in the program.

Most Recent Annual Financial Report
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The annual budget is prepared during the months of July through December. A preliminary levy is set by the city council in September of each year and the final levy is set in December. The budget document breaks down city expenditures by fund and department. The city's general fund accounts for the majority of property taxes assessed and provides for numerous city services, including public safety, street maintenance, park and recreation, and other administrative services.

2021 Budget
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Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The CIP is a five-year estimate of major expenditures for land, infrastructure and equipment to provide service to residents. The CIP includes all items over $5,000 that the city intends to purchase as replacements for existing equipment; new equipment; building construction and major repairs; and infrastructure such as streets, parks and trails; and sewer and water lines. The prospective funding sources are outlined along with estimated costs.

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