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Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Cost Share Grant Program
The MCWD Cost Share Grant Program may be able to contribute up to 75 percent of the cost of installing rain gardens, shoreline or streambank plantings, pervious pavement driveways, or other water-friendly landscaping. To qualify for funding, projects must also increase awareness about stormwater management through signage, events or other outreach. Grants may be available to the owner of any public or private property located within the District, including residential homes, apartments, businesses, schools, or cities.

Visit the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District for more information.

Low-Impact Development (LID) Grants

Qualified homeowners, businesses, and community groups are eligible to receive LID grants of up to $500.00 (sometimes more for large or joint projects) for the installation of LID projects. LID projects are development features installed with the purpose of managing and treating stormwater runoff. Applicants are rated on the quantity of stormwater treated and the quality and proximity to the receiving water body.

Examples of qualifying LID projects include, but are not limited to, rain gardens, pervious pavement, shoreline restorations, and filtration swales.

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For more information, contact Ryan Pinkalla.

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