The City of Chanhassen values clear and honest communication while striving to provide exceptional public service. Elected officials and staff are dedicated to openness, ethics, and fiscal responsibility. With these goals in mind, the city has created this one-stop location through which information about the city's business can be found. Please contact us with any questions.

Press Release 10-05-2015 - City Receives A+ Rating on Website Transparency

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Data Protection / Accuracy and Currency of Data

All employees will be requested, and given appropriate forms, to provide updated personal information to the appropriate staff person, which is necessary for tax, insurance, emergency notification, and other personnel purposes. Other people who provide private or confidential information will also be encouraged to provide updated information when appropriate.

  • Department heads should periodically review forms used to collect data on individuals to delete items that are not necessary and to clarify items that may be ambiguous.
  • All records must be disposed of according to the city’s records retention schedule.

Data Safeguards

  • Private and confidential information will be stored in files or databases which are not readily accessible to individuals who do not have authorized access and which will be secured during hours when the offices are closed.
  • Private and confidential data must be kept only in city offices, except when necessary for city business.
  • Only those employees whose job responsibilities require them to have access will be allowed access to files and records that contain private or confidential information. These employees will be instructed to:
    • not discuss, disclose, or otherwise release private or confidential data to city employees whose job responsibilities do not require access to the data,
    • not leave private or confidential data where non-authorized individuals might see it, and
    • shred private or confidential data before discarding.
  • When a contract with an outside party requires access to private or confidential information, the contracting party will be required to use and disseminate the information consistent with the Act.

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